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The 21st Century Classroom

We’re modernizing the way faculty members teach and how students interact and learn through analytics and technology, putting personalized learning at center stage. We can make their courses more impactful through tools that streamline feedback and analyze the effectiveness of course curriculum. Empower your professors, and in turn, the learners, to stretch their tech muscles to achieve amazing results.

Technology-Faculty Management Tools Faculty Management Tools

Zovio has developed a suite of tools designed to make life easier for faculty and administration. Our Faculty Management System (FMS) supports faculty onboarding, scheduling, payroll, professional development, faculty credentials, and more. A Faculty Score Index (FSI) scores your team and provides solutions to improve faculty performance in the classroom. 

Course Health Dashboards (CHD) triangulate student and faculty performance data to provide a holistic view of the health of a course. This data helps institutions improve curriculum if needed. LMS customization solutions also integrate with other tools your institution uses, allowing for seamless transitions between different software platforms.

Empower your faculty and let learning take the spotlight

Technology-Curriculum Feedback Tools Curriculum Feedback Tools

Everyone benefits when interactions between learners and educators are streamlined. Zovio’s institutions use curriculum feedback tools such as Waypoint Outcomes to allow instructors to create detailed and personalized feedback for their students while building a culture of continuous improvement. At the same time, institutions gain data on learning outcomes needed to understand student skills and meet the needs of regional and professional accrediting bodies. 

This approach also benefits students. Waypoint Outcomes provides them with personalized feedback, easy access to assignments and grades, previews of grading rubrics, and feedback on citation accuracy.

Tools that are a win for everyone

Technology-Constellation Constellation®

Zovio employs another powerful digital tool to enhance the educational experience: Constellation. Interactive in nature, this ADA-compliant platform was originally designed for the University of Arizona Global Campus to give students access to coursework materials, take notes, create highlights, and organize their course materials in ways that help them truly master the subject they’re studying. Annotations and highlights automatically sync to the cloud, making them available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

Our library of proprietary content, accessible through Constellation, is developed with a rigorous and proven peer-review process, ensuring an optimal learning experience. The platform gathers student usage data to identify content areas where they struggle, while pre- and post-test evaluations link learners to the content they’ll benefit from most.

Meet students anywhere they are


It was nice to be able to answer the discussion posts from pretty much wherever I was, or to download Constellation and be able to read my textbooks.

Brittany Harris wearing graduation cap. Brittany Harris, BA in Communication Studies

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