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05 / 2019 article

Bridgepoint Education Signs Agreement with U.S. Army to Participate in Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program


Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (NYSE: BPI) today formed an agreement with the U.S. Army to participate in the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program. Bridgepoint Education chief executive officer Andrew Clark met with Brig. Gen. Henry Huntley at Bridgepoint Education’s San Diego headquarters before signing the agreement that will help soldiers enter the civilian workforce after completing their active duty service.

“Bridgepoint Education is very involved with all branches of the military and we are proud to have many veterans working throughout our organization,” said Clark. “Soldiers have sacrificed for our country and they deserve an opportunity when they are ready to return to civilian life.”

The PaYS program is a strategic partnership program between the Army and a cross section of U.S. industries and public sector agencies. It was developed as a recruiting initiative to prepare recruits for quality civilian jobs after serving in the Army. Under the PaYS program, new recruits select a professional partner where they would like to work after leaving the Army and specific job skills they want to pursue during their Army service. By the end of their service, the soldiers have been professionally trained in selected skills and have received valuable work experience. When soldiers are ready to return to civilian life, they are guaranteed interviews with the professional partners they selected during recruitment.

Bridgepoint Education joins more than 300 major companies across the country as professional partners in the PaYS program. For more information about the program and a complete list of PaYS partners, visit


About Bridgepoint Education
Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (NYSE:BPI) improves the way individuals learn. By harnessing creativity, knowledge and proprietary technologies, such as Constellation, Thuze and Waypoint Outcomes, Bridgepoint Education has re-engineered the modern student experience with innovative solutions that advance learning. Its accredited institutions – Ashford University and University of the Rockies – embody the contemporary college experience. Ashford University offers associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs while University of the Rockies offers master’s and doctoral degree programs. Both provide progressive online platforms, as well as traditional campuses located in Clinton, Iowa (Ashford University), and Colorado Springs, Colorado (University of the Rockies). For more information about Bridgepoint Education, visit or call Shari Rodriguez, associate vice president of Public Relations, at 858.668.2580.