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03 / 2020 article

[email protected]’ Courses & Certificates Take Learners Where They Want to Go


At [email protected], which was launched by Zovio and Forbes Media LLC©, our goal is to offer professionals time-saving alternatives to traditional online degrees through courses and certificates that help learners take their career where they want it to go.

We know that everyone’s careers and goals are unique, so we focus on providing personalized learning opportunities. With more than 850 choices, from a single course or microcertification to full learning pathways, there’s something for almost everyone.

Courses at [email protected] focus on non-technical skills like business, human resources, marketing, personal development, technology, and leadership. While we offer technical courses, the focus at [email protected] is on upskilling technologists or specialists by teaching the knowledge and skills they need to be more well-rounded, employable, or promotable.

Our courses are highly curated, and many are organized in specializations and learning pathways.

Companies and learners love the fact that we provide them with several tailored courses designed to create competency in one area, instead of throwing thousands of classes at them. For instance, the Social Media Specialization includes 30 Steps to an Active Twitter Account, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Search Engine Optimization, plus Social Media and Podcasts.

The current specializations offered by [email protected] include: Communication, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, and Sales.

Learning Pathways
Our learning pathways are unique and targeted. From First-time Manager, VP to Exec, the Road to CFO, and Fresh College Graduate, they are designed to help learners hone the skills needed to succeed in their current role or those necessary for their aspirational next step.

[email protected] courses are self-paced and attainable, taking between four to 10 hours to complete, instead of weeks. The courses are developed by experts in their respective fields, and automated assignments and assessments are built-in. When an individual completes a course successfully, that learner can download a certificate of completion and upload it directly to their LinkedIn profile, showcasing their achievement in that area. If the learner isn’t so successful, they can try the course again.

A [email protected] subscription provides learners with unlimited  access to more than 850 courses. Because the courses are self-paced, there is no set number of courses to be completed in a month. The individual subscription price is as low as $12.50 a month, with the first 14 days for free. The Enterprise subscription offers access to a robust admin portal and other benefits in addition to access to all the courses.


By Anurag Malik
CEO, [email protected]