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Zovio partners with educational institutions to find meaningful ways to make the marketing and enrollment process work for every individual. With a dedicated enrollment team and tools to keep learners engaged, your institution will be able to deliver personalized messaging to your current students and expose your institution to more prospective students.

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Custom Media Plans | Customer Segmentation | Strategy
An effective enrollment strategy starts with a solid marketing plan and builds through the recruitment phase, culminating in the acquisition of quality learners. Zovio will work with you to develop customized media plans, strategic marketing planning, custom dashboards with live data, unique messaging based on your brand platform, SEO strategies, and more. We make sure your outreach matches to the right people, so you can change their lives through education.

Because no two learners are alike

Flexible Staff | Vendor Lead Scoring | Contact Strategy
Powered by the latest in predictive analytics and technology, Zovio’s enrollment services lead higher education institutions to new heights. We offer lead scoring to match customer intent with personalized support as well as the development of custom-made contact strategies personalized to the customer. With a 360-degree student dashboard, we can detect when a prospective learner is losing interest so you can rekindle their interest and get them enrolled.

Insights that drive more successful learning experiences

Higher Ed-Enrollment-Onboarding Onboarding and Beyond
Scalable Solutions | 360-Degree Student Views | Success Coaching
Our job doesn’t end with getting students in the door. Together, we develop continuous learning models designed to keep students engaged. Zovio’s enrollment team ensures a smooth transition into life as a learner, including student success coaching and guidance. We understand the nuances of each type of student thanks to our years of experience in innovative learning. We help you manage their experience from acquisition to graduation.

Scalable solutions backed by experience and big data

Onboarding and Beyond
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