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A steady global economy means learners have more opportunities to pursue their dreams, but many need an education to do it. Keeping them engaged in the learning process comes down to a little bit of art and a whole lot of science. Zovio’s data-driven approach ensures that nothing will stand in the way of people and their game-changing, watch-out-world goals.

Predictive Models | Real-Time Monitoring | Effective Intervention
Learners are human, which means they tend to engage in predictable behavior. What if that behavior could be quantified and utilized to help drive higher retention rates? That’s the question we asked at Zovio before developing our innovative, data-driven approach to retention.

With predictive modeling, progress monitoring in real-time, and intervention that works, we’re engaged in an effort to help you protect your most valuable assets: students.

Ensuring a smooth journey through the learning environment

Higher Ed- Retention-Analytics Analytics
Voice Analytics | Retention Strategies | Live Monitoring
Think of Big Data as your best friend. It’s honest, reliable and capable of doing things to help ensure your continued success. At Zovio, we tap into Big Data to deliver predictive analytics for a personalized learning experience, which, in turn, leads to higher retention.

This process means using tools such as call center voice analytics to detect when a learner is in danger of dropping out, and efficient intervention to reconnect with students who may be stuck in a specific course. It also means real-time reporting to gauge attendance, reading time, and in-course performance. Armed with this data, your student success rate increases. That’s truly personalized learning.

A distinctive suite of services and retention strategies

Higher Ed- Retention-Personal Approach A Personal Approach
A Focus on Learners | Human Connection | Delivering Change
At our core, Zovio’s suite of services are about human connection. We take pride in seeing learners succeed. Our commitment to people from all walks of life is evident in the way we help you make these connections and the way we help close the gap between you and your learners.

From the ability to capture students’ responses to various questions during the onboarding process to the personal touch we offer at every stage from acquisition to graduation, Zovio is charting a new course in the way education works. It’s not just about retention. It’s about delivering real change that impacts those around us.

Numbers drive results, but people make the difference

A Personal Approach
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